TAN Chao

School of Electrical and Information Engineering

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26-E-435, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University

Education Background
  • Bachelor’s Degree| Tianjin University| Automation| 2003
  • Master’s Degree| Tianjin University| Measurement Techniques and Automatic Devices| 2006
  • Joint Ph.D| Cranfield University| Process System Engineering| 2008
  • Doctoral degree| Tianjin University| Measurement Techniques and Automatic Devices| 2009
Research Interests
  • Process Tomography (electrical, ultrasonic, multi-modality)
  • Multiphase flow measurement and instrumentation
  • Biomedical imaging and measurement
  • Deep learning and multisensor data fusion
Professional Membership
  • Fellow of IET, Fellow of ISIPT
  • Editorial Board Member, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, IF=1.965, JCR Q2
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, IF=2.794, JCR Q1
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Sensors Journal, IF=2.617, JCR Q1
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Access, IF=3.557, JCR Q1
  • Associate Editor, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, IF=1.579, JCR Q3
Academic Achievements