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3)Bai, C. & Iwasaki, S. (2009). The influence of perceptual information on Kanji recognition. In: The COE research group of Tohoku Univesity(ed.)(2009). Language, brain and cognitive sciences for second language acquisition. Tokyo: Hituzi press. P183-194.



上一条:4)Bai, C., Bornkessel-Schlesewslky, I., Wang, L., Hung, Y., Schesewslky, M., Burkhardt, P. (2008) Semantic composition engenders N400: evidence from Chinese compounds. NeuroReport, 6, 16, 695-699. 下一条:6)Iwasaki, S., Kotosaki, Y., Bai, C. (2006). Working memory and persistent inhibitory set: an individual differences investigation. Proceeding of the Cognitive Science Society, Vancouver, Canada. 1151-1156.

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