Guoxuan Qin

School of Microelectronics

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Microelectronics and Solid-state Electronics

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Brief Introduction

Qin Guoxuan is a professor from the School of Microelectronics in Tianjin University. After having received his Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2005, he further pursued his studies and obtained a PHD in Electronic Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009. Furthermore, he has awarded the title of Excellent graduate of Tsinghua University and Excellent doctoral student of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Based on his extensive research, Professor Qin has been chosen as a member of the new century excellent talent support program in 2011 held by China’s Ministry of Education.

Qin’s laboratory is dedicated to the fabrication and device physics of high performance flexible devices. It conducts research in the cutting edge areas of radio frequency flexible electronic devices, which has realized the fastest silicon flexible electronic devices, investigated the establishment of flexible high-performance device circuit model, and achieved a flexible microwave electronic switch circuit based on the device model. His laboratory represents a platform of enormous potential in scientific research.


Education Background
  • Doctor of Philosophy| University of Wisconsin-Madison| ElectronicsandElectrical| 2009
  • Bachelor of Engineering| Tsinghua University| Electronic science and technology| 2005
Research Interests
  • Bioinformatics
  • Study on radiation resistance of RF/Microwave electronic devices and circuits.
  • Study on single crystal nano-films.
  • Design, modeling and fabrication of flexible microwave electronic devices and circuits.
Positions & Employments
  • 2016.12-2019.12

    School of Microelectronics Institute | Tianjin University | Professor 
  • 2015.7-2016.12

    School of Electronic and Information engineering | Tianjin University | Professor 
  • 2010.4-2015.6

    School of Electronic and Information engineering | Tianjin University | associate professo 
  • 2005.9-2009.12

    Engineering | University of Wisconsin-Madison | Research Assistance 
  • 2007.9-2007.12

    Engineering | University of Wisconsin-Madison | Teaching Assistance 
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